Canucks fans attack Belieber for vandalizing player’s memorial

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Vancouver hockey fans lent their stadium to Justin Bieber Wednesday night, but they
were less gracious to one Belieber who promoted the concert by leaving graffiti on the memorial wall dedicated to their favorite son, Canucks star Rick Rypien.

Shortly after Rypien’s suicide last year, hundreds of Canuck fans gathered outside Rogers Arena to construct a makeshift memorial, which later became the Rypien Memorial Wall. The loss is still sharp for Rypien fans, so when Bieber fan Simran Mann (@simran_mann_) got caught writing graffiti about the Bieber concert on the wall dedicated to remembering Rypien, the backlash was fierce. The Vancouver Province has the story:

Storify courtesy of Vancouver Province / Storify; Image by Aja Romano from donkeyhotey / Flickr

Aja Romano

Aja Romano

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