YouTube star accidentally posts footage where she slaps, yells at her dog

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A YouTuber with more than 340,000 subscribers whose channel has partially been built on her relationship with her dog is under fire after unedited footage showed her punching and appearing to spit on her pet.

YouTuber Brooke Houts responded to the accidentally uploaded video and to the criticism she’s received online by saying she was sorry she acted “aggressively” toward her dog and that she is “NOT a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape or form.”

On her channel, Houts posts vlogs with her dog, Sphinx, where she records a day in the life with her pet, shares their morning routine, and unsuccessfully plays the plastic wrap prank.

But according to Twitter user @shoe0nhead, Houts accidentally uploaded a video to her channel that showed her growing frustrated with her dog before lashing out by slapping and forcefully pushing Sphinx.

As @shoe0nhead wrote, “People making excuses for this like ‘haha as if you’ve never lost your temper!’ are concerning. you dont punch, grab, slap, slam to the ground and SPIT on your pet out of frustration. what would spitting on a dog do??? …  she was filming a high energy fun video where she PLAYS WITH THE DOG therefor the dog naturally thought it was playtime. yet punches and spits on it in the unedited leak for acting the same way it was acting in the edited version (linked).”

That footage left people of people on Twitter upset with her and her actions. On Tuesday night, she responded with a long apologetic statement on Twitter.

In her statement, she wrote that on the day of shooting the video “things in my outside life have been less than exceptional” and that “I am rarely upset as what was shown in the footage.”

But she said her mood does not justify yelling at the dog. She also said she did not spit on the dog.

“Anyone who knows me personally knows I have an immense love for animals, including my own,” Houts wrote. “I would never do anything to purposefully physically or mentally harm any animal. Again, I should NOT have yelled at him or as been as physically aggressive as I was, and I’m fully aware of that. He was not hurt, nor has he ever been physically hurt by me. I know I’ll be in many future situations where he’s being physical, but I will not respond this way again.”

Houts did not immediately return a request for further comment from the Daily Dot, and it’s unclear whether Sphinx will star in any of her upcoming videos.


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