British celebs respond to bizarre portraits on Twitter

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Artist Chris Shaw draws strange, awful portraits of British news personalities, and then tries to get his subjects to respond on Twitter. 

If you’re a British celebrity, chances are Chris Shaw will draw a goofy picture of you.

Shaw, who goes by @ChrisShawEditor on Twitter, likes to create offbeat portraits of well-known personalities from the United Kingdom and then tweet directly at his subjects for a response. Not everyone replies, but those who do are usually flattered or bemused.

The portraitist also maintains a blog where he posts his creations along with a screengrab of the celebrity responses.

The idea to channel his inner artist came to Shaw on a whim.

“I drew a pic[ture] of @piersmorgan [and] thought I’d tweet him,” he told the Daily Dot via the microblogging platform. “No reply. I refused to accept that all celebs were like him so [I] kept trying. [The] 1st to respond was @theJeremyVine— that piqued my curiosity.”

“How would celebs react to badly drawn pics?”

And so a very amusing blog was born.

Below is a compilation of some of the more interesting images drawn by Shaw, as well as the Twitter reply, if there was one.

Piers Morgan — Host of Piers Morgan Tonight, former UK newspaper journalist

Jeremy Vine — Author, journalist, and BBC radio show host

Rob Smith and Polly Evans — Presenters for the BBC’s regional news show Southeast Today


Photo via Chris Shaw/My Celebrity Portraits


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