“Growing Pains” mashup blurs the line between Alan and Robin Thicke

It took men declaring dress codes sexist for people to finally listen
When boys complain about having to wear pants, it goes viral. When women complain about being shamed, silence.

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For those who weren’t alive in the ’80s, Robin Thicke’s father, Alan, starred as Growing Pains‘s patriarch, Jason Seaver.

We’ve all been whooping and hollering for Mod Carousel’s gender-swapped version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” But this being the Internet, someone is always one step ahead.

Chicago mashup duo the Hood Internet released their own version of “Blurred Lines,” which threads into the theme song to Growing Pains. For those who weren’t alive in the ’80s, Robin Thicke’s father, Alan, starred as the show’s patriarch, Jason Seaver. Lest we forget (and the Internet never does), Thicke did have a bit of a musical career. Wonder if he still talks to Kirk Cameron.

The songs actually sync up pretty well, and the track informs us that Alan Thicke “has a big D,” in case you were curious if he lives up to his last name. The Cosby Show got the “Blurred” treatment earlier this month.

Then there’s YouTube presidential song club Barack’s Dubs’ version, spliced with several soundbites of President Clinton’s past speeches. Now we just need a Willy Jefferson sax solo over this song.

Screengrab via The Hood Internet/YouTube

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