‘Black Mirror’ makes the dating app from season 4 a crushing reality

Jonathan Prime/Netflix

Where does ‘Black Mirror’ end and real life begin?

In season 4 of Black Mirror, the episode “Hang the DJ” explored a universe where every relationship has an expiration date—whether you want it to be over or not. And because Black Mirror loves to get under our skin, it chose Valentine’s Day to promote a dating site that lets you check your relationship’s expiration date.

The website brings the episode’s Coach dating tool into the real world, and now you can ruin this day of love by telling your partner just how long your relationship will last.

Apparently, some people have been getting actual numbers. But when I tried it out, I got something more vague and… definitive?

black mirror reveals dating site Coach

Regardless, the website is good news for people who have been begging for a real-life version of the app they saw on the show.

For real, Black Mirror should really just start a dating site for Black Mirror fans and be done with it.

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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