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Bill Hader being scared on the set of ‘It Chapter Two’ becomes a meme

The photos have been around for a while, but the meme cycle picked it up again.


Audra Schroeder


It Chapter Two made a dent at the box office its opening weekend and also produced a relatable meme.

Behind-the-scenes photos of stars Bill Hader (who plays the grown-up Richie Tozier) and Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise) circulated this weekend, showing Hader experiencing a range of emotions while looking at Skarsgård, who is in full Pennywise costume. First, there’s laughter, then horror, then fleeing.

These photos have been around for at least a year, and in January, Hader appeared on Conan and discussed the context of the photo in which he’s laughing: He asked Skarsgård how he was able to move one eye unnaturally as Pennywise, and then Skarsgård showed him he can actually do it, which could explain the other two frames. He also said he’s “terrible at acting scared,” though apparently not in those photos.

Regardless, the photos became a meme, the three emotions many of us feel these days writ large.


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