This dude’s bidet reaction video redefines bathroom humor


YouTuber JohnnyNapalm2001 tests out his $28 bidet for all the world—and his cat—to see. 

It’s a slow news day out there, so we’re going to spotlight this video of a grown man testing out the water pressure on his newly purchased $28 bidet.

You know what a bidet is, right? That toilet-looking thing that sits next to your toilet in all the European hotels and hostels you frequent? It’s there because it’s apparently pretty good at cleaning out your nether regions after defecation—the thing clears your poop!—but I’ve got to admit that I’ve never come close to considering its use. Something about a concentrated stream of water bum-rushing your bum doesn’t exactly scream “satisfaction.”

It does, however, scream.

That’s the realization that YouTuber JohnnyNapalm2001 arrived at upon the conclusion of his two-minute “Testing out the Astor Fresh Water Bidet” video. The clip, which finds Johnny sampling all five levels of the bidet’s power stream system while his black cat watches on.

Things don’t really get moving until level three, which Johnny describes as “kind of painful.” Evidently “four’s a lot,” and “five proved a little too much.”

The general consensus: those lower levels clean out the body’s dirty parts just fine. Thanks to JohnnyNapalm2001, more than 27,000 won’t have to learn that the hard way.

h/t Gawker // Photo via JohnnyNapalm2001/YouTube


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