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The 11 best alien movies on Netflix

We want to believe.

Jun 30, 2020, 11:42 am*

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Audra Schroeder 

Audra Schroeder

Aliens are most likely among us, at least that’s what we learnedor confirmedin 2017. That revelation mostly flew under the radar as we dealt with other chaos in the world, but we’ve longed to connect with extraterrestrials for centuries. If you’re looking for movies about aliens, Netflix has an interesting selection of fictional takes and documentaries. Here’s a rundown of some of the best alien movies on Netflix, from dramas to comedies to documentaries. 

The best alien movies on Netflix

1) The Cloverfield Paradox

best alien movies on netflix - The Cloverfield Paradox

Netflix surprised subscribers during the 2018 Super Bowl and dropped the third installment of J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot-produced series in their laps. It attempts to tie together the universes of 2008’s Cloverfield and 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane, and hands us some theories on how those monsters landed on Earth, as a team of scientists hovers above the planet trying to find a new source of energy. But in this timeline, their mission might have accidentally welcomed an alien invasion. Obsessives will have a fun time finding all the Cloververse connections.


2)  Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

alien movies netflix the last jedi

The Last Jedi is a refreshing and intelligent continuation after The Force Awakens, with powerful emotional arcs for each of the main characters. Controversial due to its unexpected creative choices and quirky sense of humor, it’s one of the strongest films in the franchise. You won’t look at Luke Skywalker the same way again. —Gavia Baker-Whitelaw 

3) The Endless 

alien movies netflix

Two brothers who grew up in a UFO cult return to the desert camp as adults to figure out exactly what happened to them, and things quickly go sideways. They find cult members stuck in weird time loops, wormholes from other realities, and something menacing in the sky. Directors (and stars) Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead made a low-budget film that’s big on heady ideas and images, and The Endless also ties in with their 2012 film Resolution.

4) Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?

best alien movies on netflix

Ah, 1995. Remember when we had the mental space to obsess over Roswell and whether that newly released alien autopsy footage was real? It was later revealed to be a hoax, of course, but this 1995 doc explores a time in pop culture when we wanted to believe (it originally aired on Fox, home to The X-Files) and the 1947 Roswell UFO crash provided the perfect illusion. Plus, Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes hosted.


5) The Wandering Earth

alien movies netflix

The Wandering Earth was a box office smash in China, a high-octane blockbuster with a ridiculous concept that measures up to Armageddon or Avatar. Set in the not-so-distant future, the sun is aging into a red giant, prompting an ambitious mission to physically move the planet Earth into another solar system.

6) The Titan

best alien movies on netflix - the titan

Set in 2048 with Earth on the verge of becoming uninhabitable, The Titan is about mankind’s search for a new home. A potential planet has been found, but humans will have to be genetically modified to survive in this potential new environment. Directed by Lennart Ruff and with a screenplay by Max Hurwitz, the film is captivating because, inside the macro themes, there’s an intimate film. At the heart of the story are Lt. Rick Janssen (Sam Worthington) and Dr. Abigail Janssen (Taylor Schilling). Rick has been chosen to participate in an experiment to genetically enhance the human body to survive Titan’s conditions. As an actor, Worthington never really got a fair shake from audiences. Between Terminator Salvation and Avatar, he was anointed as the next big thing and it didn’t stick. He’s solid here. It’s a role predicated on physicality, and Worthington sells it well. —Eddie Strait

7) Annihilation*

best alien movies on netflix - Annihilation

In Alex Garland’s adaptation of Annihilation, we still get to explore Area X, a quarantined area of land besieged by mysterious environmental changes. That’s about where the similarities to the book end. The film uses author Jeff VanderMeer’s spectral setting to get in its characters’ heads. Natalie Portman plays Lena, a biologist and former soldier who is grieving the loss of her husband, Kane (Oscar Isaac). He was sent into Area X on a secret mission and feared dead, but he suddenly returns home—altered. Lena’s mission there is one of truth and redemption, but Portman plays her with appropriate detachment. We don’t really know her true motives, and fellow travelers Anya (Gina Rodriguez), Cass (Tuva Novotny), Josie (Tessa Thompson), and Dr. Ventress (Jennifer Jason Leigh) have their own reasons for going on an apparent suicide mission. —Audra Schroeder

* Available internationally. No release date has been set for Netflix subscribers in the U.S.

8) Thor: Ragnarok 

best alien movies netflix

Taika Waititi’s sense of humor was a perfect match for the absurdity of the Thor franchise, rescuing it from the overly serious tone of Thor: The Dark World. The supporting cast members were brilliant (Jeff Goldblum! Tessa Thompson! Cate Blanchett! Mark Ruffalo!), and the production designers reveled in a rainbow-hued, Jack Kirby-inspired vision of the Marvel universe. It’s arguably one of the best comedies of 2017, and on top of that, it features some deceptively thoughtful political subtext. —Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

9) Under the Skin

best alien movies netflix
In Under the Skin, Scarlett Johansson is an alien who stalks, seduces, and… does something to men she picks up in Scotland. The movie is full of indelible imagery, and it’s a story that provokes as much as it disturbs. —Eddie Strait

10) Mercury 13

alien movies netflix - Mercury 13

Mercury 13 chronologically documents NASA’s dismissive and then-customary treatment of women as it launched Project Mercury, its first human spaceflight program that would see Alan Shepard become the first American in space in 1962. The film draws from endeavors of a surgeon and pioneering NASA advisor, Dr. William Randolph Lovelace, who created a stealth testing program for women at the time of Project Mercury. The women tested higher than the men in specific cases, but still weren’t allowed training to receive prerequisite jet certification. Mercury 13 lacks details that would have provided helpful context, but it’s still a fascinating document of the frustrating denial of history for talented women in the midst of the Civil Rights struggle. —Kahron Spearman

11) Jupiter Ascending

alien movies netflix

Jupiter Ascending features talking dinosaurs, shirtless Channing Tatum being chased around on flying rollerblades, fleets of bedazzled spaceships, jokes about feminine hygiene products, and a scene where Mila Kunis looks soulfully into the eyes of a werewolf and says, “I’ve always loved dogs.” It is dumb, and weird, and beautiful, and it wants you to be happy. —Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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