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One Direction fans want Beliebers to shut up and make them sandwiches.

Fans of One Direction and Justin Bieber have come to an accord. Maybe.

Directioners managed to make the phrase “Beliebers shut up and make Directioners a sandwich” trend by tweeting it en masse Wednesday afternoon. That slapdown prompted an in-kind response from Beliebers, who turned the tag #DirectionersWeWillMakeYouSandwichesSOON into a worldwide trend as well.

It’s not as friendly as it might seem on the surface. It’s more of a sarcastic “Yeah, sure, we’ll get right on that” than an “Oh, hey, no problem! We love you guys.”

Magnificently, some of the Beliebers who tweeted the tag actually made sandwiches for the One Direction fans. Or at the very least, shared photos of sandwiches.

Then there were some who suggested spiking the virtual snacks with unsavory additives.

When rival fandoms wage war over anything and everything, a kind deed can go a long way, especially when in response to a stinging backhand of a trend. Kill ’em with kindness and all that.

Meanwhile, another sandwich-related tag, #ShutUpGringasAndMakeASandwichForBrazilians, also hit the top of the worldwide trend list, showing the power Twitter’s Brazilian userbase has to sway the global trends list.

In other Directioner/Belieber drama Wednesday, some users were slammed for apparently mocking Bieber and Avalanna Routh, a young Bieber fan with whom the singer had struck up a friendship before she passed away last year. 

The first of those screenshots, at least, seems to have been doctored. There’s no display name above the handle, for one thing, and @gayforpayne has retweeted several people claiming the image was Photoshopped amid the waves of criticism sent his way. High drama in fandom on Twitter indeed.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Illustration by Jay Hathaway, photo via Morguefile

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