Chinese rapper severs his finger on live stream to prove innocence in sex scandal

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Chinese rapper Beibei–also known as Li Jingze–was accused of having sexual relations with his fans. So, to prove his innocence he did the one, random thing no one would think of doing: He severed part of his finger during a live stream.

According to Billboard, the rapper used Yizhibo–a popular Chinese live streaming platform with millions of users–to publicize the stunt, somehow meant to convince angry fans that he wasn’t guilty of their allegations. Beibei didn’t give his 720,000 followers on the site the chance to see him actually make the cut, but he did show off his bloody finger afterward. The site took immediate action by banning him and reporting the incident to authorities.

Nevertheless, Chinese media reported that Beibei’s WeChat got an instant popularity boost, jumping from 150,000 to 680,000. Millions of hashtags related to Beibei’s Shaanxi hip-hop label,  called Honghuahui (HHH), began to circulate. China, which is notoriously known for its censorship, responded to the controversy by attacking hip-hop. Allegedly, in response to the live stream, the Chinese Association of Performing Arts (CAPA) issued a list of banned rappers, and HHH announced it was going to shut down.

Dana Tiago Burton, founder of Iron Mic China–an annual rap battle that Beibei frequently participates in–told Billboard that the episode is likely tied to China’s “daunting” culture, which is especially hard on young people.

“Beibei didn’t win all of his rap battles, but this is one battle I sincerely hope he wins,” Burton said of the rapper who allegedly suffers from thyroid problems that cause mood swings. “Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and far more important than fame or perceived success.”

Beibei has been reportedly banned from streaming for the next five years.


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H/T Billboard

Tiffanie Drayton

Tiffanie Drayton

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