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Bad Lip Reading returns to the NFL just in time for the Super Bowl

“I once got a rake and killed a snowman.”


Ramon Ramirez


These Bad Lip Reading clips are just about bulletproof. 

When you weld a strong gimmick (dubbing zany sentences into dialogue) with an enormously popular American addiction like the NFL, the hits will work. Especially because the offbeat one-liners continue to impress: From Cam Newton’s monologue about Syrian princes and Jim Caldwell’s stone-faced paranoia, to Case Keenum pointing out the bad guys and whomever dubbed white quarterback Andrew Luck taking on a mildly racist white-guy-doing-a-ghetto-patois and saying, “we gon’ ball,” this supercut is the gift that keeps on giving.

But “I once got a rake and killed a snowman” is good no matter how you look at it.

Screengrab via Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

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