Bad Lip Reading returns to the NFL just in time for the Super Bowl

These Bad Lip Reading clips are just about bulletproof. 

When you weld a strong gimmick (dubbing zany sentences into dialogue) with an enormously popular American addiction like the NFL, the hits will work. Especially because the offbeat one-liners continue to impress: From Cam Newton’s monologue about Syrian princes and Jim Caldwell’s stone-faced paranoia, to Case Keenum pointing out the bad guys and whomever dubbed white quarterback Andrew Luck taking on a mildly racist white-guy-doing-a-ghetto-patois and saying, “we gon’ ball,” this supercut is the gift that keeps on giving.

But “I once got a rake and killed a snowman” is good no matter how you look at it.

Screengrab via Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez

Ramon Ramirez is the news director, and formerly the Dot's entertainment editor and evening editor. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, Grantland, Washington City Paper, Austin American-Statesman, and Austin Monitor.