Is Aziz Ansari behind “Homeland” parody @SergeantBrody?

Probably, according to an investigation by The Hollywood Reporter!

Mar 2, 2020, 11:49 pm*



Jordan Valinsky

Of course comedian Aziz Ansari is the creator of @SergeantBrody, a parody Twitter account that shrewdly mocks the Showtime drama Homeland.

In an investigation that would even wow the pugnacious David Estes, the Hollywood Reporter outed Ansari in an article Wednesday. A staffer for the paper noticed that Ansari accidentally posted a Homeland tweet to his personal Twitter account, quickly deleted it, and reposted it to @SergeantBrody.

The Brody account began Oct. 29 and has garnered 30,000 followers since it first started tweeting jokes from the two-timing soldier’s point of view. Brody’s jokes mock the deplorable characters, like his dopey daughter Dana, boring son Chris, douchebag “best friend” Mike Faber, and his often naked wife Jess.

“Spending time with my boring son Chris is almost worse torture than I experienced in Iraq. #MySonisSoBoring,” accurately tweeted @SergeantBrody. Another tweet mocked Brody’s much-derided daughter: “Hey Dana, can you run me over too so I don’t have to see you moping around for the rest of my fucking life?”

A rep for Ansari “declined comment” to THR regarding the account’s owner, but Ansari is a prolific fan of the Emmy-winning drama, and often tweets his reactions to episodes of the show. Also, the Parks and Recreation star has retweeted the parody account from his personal Twitter profile on multiple occasions.

Not that we’re going to turn up the jazz, swallow a cocktail of feel-good pills, and map out evidence Carrie Mathison-style, but the parody account’s voice does sound like Ansari’s. (C’mon there’s even a #BoneZone hashtag!) But if he doesn’t confirm soon, prepare to see our cry face.

Photo via SergeantBrody/Twitter

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*First Published: Dec 12, 2012, 8:38 pm