miss fart usa

Organizers will use one question culled from the Twitter hashtag #AskMissUSA in the annual beauty pageant on Sunday. 

Your lifelong dream of getting the chance to ask a Miss USA contestant “for a RT” just got closer.

In an attempt to make the competition less unbearable, Miss USA organizers will draw a question from Twitter to be asked in the final round. Any tweet that includes the hashtag #AskMissUSA will be considered and possibly used. Who knows! Isn’t this exciting?

Since Wednesday, only 40 tweets have been recorded using the hashtag, according to social analytics tool Topsy. A very excited Twitter user, appropriately called “OMG Pageants!,” is asking the bulk of the questions, with topics ranging from military intervention in Syria to a federally mandated “fat camp.”

This isn’t the only interactive facet of the competition. Fans can also vote for their favorite girl to secure a place in the semifinals. Again, so thrilling.

The Miss USA beauty pageant airs Sunday, May 3, at 9 pm Eastern Time on NBC.

Photo via missuniverse.com

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