Plus-size model Ashley Graham plays the love interest in Joe Jonas’ new video

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Joe Jonas Ashley Graham

Screengrab via DNCE/YouTube


Joe Jonas‘ band DNCE dropped the video for its single “Toothbrush” this week, and one thing really sets it apart: plus-size model Ashley Graham plays Jonas’ girlfriend. 

Usually when plus-size girls get featured in mainstream media, it’s explicitly because they’re plus-size, i.e., a Dove ad about how every body type is beautiful or a commercial for a plus-size clothing store. Here, though, Graham not only gets to play the leading lady and love interest—her body doesn’t even come up!

She’s just a regular girl who’s falling in love and having a good time! Can you imagine?! 

Fans on Twitter are, understandably, very excited:

Progress! H/T Buzzfeed

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