Nickelodeon classic ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ to be made into a movie

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The ’90s are coming back in full force.

Nickelodeon’s popular ’90s series Are You Afraid of the Dark? is being adapted for the big screen with the writer behind It helming the project. This adaptation joins an ever-expanding lineup of Viacom properties being adapted like Legend of the Hidden Temple and Hey Arnold!.

The anthology series—which ran from 1990 to 2000—followed a group of teenagers called the Midnight Society that gathered around a campfire at a secret location in the woods where they shared stories about ghosts, vampires, Bigfoot, and other paranormal occurrences. 

It and Annabelle: Creation writer Gary Dauberman will be writing the script and producing the film.

“The show is about the shared experience of telling stories — especially scary ones. We’re going to celebrate that with this movie and honor the darker, scarier tone of the show, which was really groundbreaking for Nickelodeon at the time,” Dauber told The Hollywood Reporter. Paramount Player, a subdivision of Paramount Pictures, is overseeing production of the adaptation. No casting decisions have been made yet. 

A few fans are already freaking out at the news. 

If you need a refresher on the show or just want to re-live the thrills of your childhood, Nickelodeon has uploaded episodes to YouTube.

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Danielle Ransom

Danielle Ransom

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