Touré’s negative review of Judd Apatow’s latest film caught the attention of the writer/director himself.

Judd Apatow came to blows with Toure on Twitter after panning his new movie This Is 40.

MSNBC host Touré gave a scornful, two-sentence review which caused Apatow, the film’s director and producer, to fire back.

“Warning: ‘This Is 40’ is a horrible mess with a meandering plot and few laughs and characters who are hard to like. What happened?” tweeted Touré late Wednesday about the “sort of” sequel to 2007’s Knocked Up. He retweeted comments from Twitter followers who agreed.

Apatow snapped back at the Cycle co-host about his views on not lying to children about the existence of Santa Claus, which Touré recently talked about on his weekday chat show.

[email protected] this from the guy who refused to ever pretend to his toddlers that santa existed. You really showed them. Talk about hard to like,” replied Apatow in front of his 750,000 followers.

Toure retweeted Apatow’s comment and said he was a huge fan of the Funny People director. “Whatever you do next I’ll still go,” replied Touré. Apatow shrugged off Touré’s half-apology, saying that he just didn’t understand the film, which garnered a 50 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“You need to take a nap and see it again then. There is no way you liked all of those and didn’t get this,” tweeted Apatow. “There is more to the story.”

The petty spat continued when Touré took umbrage with a part of movie where Leslie Mann’s character threatens a young boy.

“When your main female character curses out a boy and threatens him that’s hard to like territory. Beyond mama bear into wtf,” tweeted Touré. Apatow replied, “Wow! You are a laugh riot.”

It continued when both sides retweeted compliments supporting their sides, but it eventually fizzled out with a tweet from the appropriately named @TheComedyBuffet, who snarked, “it’s like highschool all over again!”

But with worse egos.

Photo by David Shankbone/Flickr

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