While looking for an NFL team for next season, Adams created the hilarious video “Stuff NFL Free Agents Say.”

Free agent football player Anthony Adams didn’t plan to become the funniest new big man on YouTube. It’s just that preseason’s underway and, well, he just, you know, has a little extra free time.

“So much free time that your mind starts thinking that you can do things,” the 310 lb. defensive tackle told the Daily Dot. “I was putting stuff up on my Twitter feed, free agent things, things about finding myself a team. I was tweeting so much that it got to the point that I realized I should put it all onto a video.”

On July 31, Adams posted “Stuff NFL Free Agents Say,” a 5:18 long video that finds the former San Francisco 49er and Chicago Bear sorting through a cupboard full of kids’ cereals and inquiring to his wife how to work a washing machine.

It’s a clip that’s both hilarious and revealing: Adams’s is a natural comedian with a good heart and even better facial expressions, but he’s also in need of a job so that he can support his wife and three kids. There’s a feeling that a number of those clips—the ones where he’s lifting weights and talking about his fitness or challenging others on their 40 yard dash times—are extracted from real life instances.

“Stuff NFL Free Agents Say” is also a video that’s grown quite popular, racking up more than 110,000 views in its two weeks on YouTube.

The popularity was enough to entice another video out of Adams. This one, called “Basketball Is My First Love,” is a play on a favorite line from the “Stuff NFL Free Agents Say” video.

Posted Sunday, the video finds Adams trying his hand at dunking on a  10-foot rim, running crossovers on his baby daughter, and rambling on about the virtues of his jump shot. It’s hilarious, and Adams attests it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

“That’s just how I act all the time,” he said. “People don’t get a chance to see it. I would do stuff in the locker room and facilities, and I always noticed that people would be taping it and putting it on Twitter. It would crack people up.”

Adams said that every clip he cuts is done spur of the moment, and he’s basically just going off what he thinks is funny and what his 13,000 followers on Twitter ask of him. But there’s a certain degree of marketing and self-promotion behind the making of both clips. As with anybody who’s out there looking for a job, Adams knows that it’s best to stay in the public eye.

“I just want to let people know that I’m a free agent and still available,” he said. “Some coaches have been calling me, coaches that have coached me a couple years back and are in college now.

“It’s been fun, but I have some business plans. That’s the lighter side, but people don’t see what I do behind doors as far as running and working out and dieting. Everything is a grind.”

Photo via YouTube

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