Albert Pujols

A typo becomes a trend. Who knew basesball fans were such nitpickers?

Albert Pujols, the living baseball legend, shocked the world today by signing a free-agent contract with the Los Angeles Angels.

Twitter was collectively so excited that they couldn’t type straight: Both “Angles” and “Angels” trended nationally.

Likely the most-feared hitter in baseball, Pujols already has a Hall-of-Fame resume. He’s a nine-time all-star, three-time MVP, and is consistently on top of baseball’s leaderboards in every major offensive category.

It was widely believed that he was only considering playing for the Miami or re-signing with St. Louis. So after Yahoo reported the deal to the dark horse Angels this morning, Twitter exploded, with users talking about Pujols’s new team using all available spellings.

“Angles” peaked around 11:15 Eastern time Thursday morning, with 713 significant mentions. Compare that with “Angels,” which hit over 33,000 at about the same time. Though “angles” had enough hits to trend briefly, it continued to trend because people noted the mistake and started making fun of it. To wit:

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