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A new Tumblr photoshops together the pop star and the Robin Williams’ wacky nanny character, and it works better than you might expect.

Adele and Mrs. Doubtfire share more similarities than you might suspect: they’re both pleasantly plump, exude a cheery joyfulness, and if you haven’t seen the ladies’ hot dog impressions, then you’re in for a treat.  

A new Tumblr melds together the British singer and the Robin Williams character on “What if Adele was Mrs. Doubtfire?” Filled with about a dozen posts since its creation Thursday, it attempts to answer that question.

We’d imagine that Adele would be just as kooky and nutty as her 1993 movie counterpart, but with a slightly better singing voice. However, the singer admits she loves to curse, and she’s allegedly struggled with a drinking problem, so it’s possible the kids would be better off with a nanny who accidentally lights herself on fire.

Although Adele could certainly give Mrs. Doubtfire a run for her money in the “hip-hop, bebop, dance ‘til you drop” department, we still don’t know whether she can “yo yo, make a mean cup of cocoa.”

Photos via What if Adele was Mrs Doubtfire/Tumblr

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