Top 12 Hurricane Sandy videos

Meteorologists predicted Hurricane Sandy would be this damaging. But nobody expected the storm to be this telegenic.

From staggering natural phenomena to East Coasters making the best of it, you’ll find the most popular videos of the storm on A social network where users rank their favorites, it’s a good benchmark for finding top-rated videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Chill gave the Daily Dot a list of its most-watched Hurricane Sandy videos—chosen by users and curated by the site’s editors. Watch them below:

1) ConEd Power plant Explosion — Hurricane Sandy

Even without sound, this is one scary explosion. Luckily, ConEd is reporting that nobody at the plant was hurt.

2) Hurricane Horse

This Washington, D.C. jogger confirms the Daily Dot’s report—nothing is funnier than a guy in a horse mask.

3) Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Viewed From Space Station

Check out Hurricane Sandy from space. From the station, the entire Earth seems covered in white.

4) The wind howling, the face of a building falling off on 8th and 14th. (:30)

You can hear the videographer cursing as the wall falls off an apartment building. Fortunately, nobody was injured except for a car.

5) Electrical Fire – Hurricane #Sandy

If you see a fast-spreading electrical fire, you should probably run for cover instead of filming it. It’s no surprise the videographer’s hands were shaking.

6) Hurricane Sandy Jet Skiers

That’s one way to make the best of a hurricane. Watch as somebody actually jetskis through a flooded street.

7) Raw: Big Waves Pound Jersey Shore

In this video by the AP, enormous waves crash on the beach.


“This is the apocalypse,” the cell phone videographer says matter-of-factly before watching his neighborhood’s trees fall one by one.

9) AP Writer: Science Behind ‘Frankenstorm’

If you’re looking for the science of the storm in layperson’s terms, watch this. In two minutes, science writer Seth Borenstein explains what makes Sandy unique.

10) Dawn to Dusk: Hurricane Sandy, October 26, 2012, Super Rapid Scan

This Oct. 26 trajectory is even more alarming now that we know what comes next.

11) Hurricane Sandy Gangnam Style

The reporter may have said “this is serious business,” but her tone wasn’t enough to prevent two photobombers from dancing in the background.

12) Jimmy Fallon Hurricane Sandy Cold Open

Fallon brings a bit of levity to a dangerous natural disaster.

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Lauren Rae Orsini

Lauren Rae Orsini

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