In case of Tumblmergency, break the glass on this post.

Those damned Tumblbeasts are at it again! Tumblr’s down once more, freeing up hours of time you’d rather spend browsing GIFs and expressing your feels.

But don’t despair! The Daily Dot has compiled a list of ways hardcore users can spend their time while Tumblr is down. Think of this article as a glass box to break in case of Tumblrgency:

1) Join the crowd! Complain about it on Twitter.

2) Feeling GIF withdrawal? Catch up on the Daily Dot’s Morning GIF archive.

3) Get started on a new 30 Day Tumblr Challenge to post when Tumblr’s back up. There’s one for every interest, fandom, and identity.

4) Start watching a new web series. To get you started, here are 35 up-and-coming web shows.

5) Can’t go another minute without talking about fandom? Head over to Dreamwidth, the LiveJournal clone many fans have adopted, and catch up on Fandom Secrets.

6) Try visiting the one website that might be even more of a timesuck than Tumblr: TV Tropes. Before you know it, 18 hours will have passed and you’ll have forgotten all about Tumblr.

7) Plan your Tumbloween costume.

8) Try to explain the Lorax Once-ler fandom to your parents. We can’t guarantee hours of fun, but we can guarantee it’ll take hours!

9) Participate in a Tumblr meme that requires stepping away from the computer for a bit. We recommend, “Shit, I’m late!

10) Brush up on your Tumblr slang. We know that feel when Tumblr is down, but we’re sure it’ll be up for us to start shipping and posting GPOYs in no time.

Photo by The Oatmeal

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