The 10 most-popular video collections on Chill


From Steve Jobs to underwater cinematography, these themed collections will entertain you for hours. 

Anyone can make a Pinterest clone, but it’s up to the audience to make the community a success. Chill got lucky to that effect—through careful curation, its users have made the site an interesting and informative place to hang out.

Unlike YouTube, which values search-oriented discovery, Chill lets users collect videos on a theme in order to create an opportunity for hours of time wasting. Why look up just one presidential inauguration video when on Chill you can just watch them all?

We worked with Chill to discover the site’s most popular video “collections” (think Pinterest pinboards for video), based on the number of views, not followers.

Check out Chill’s ten most popular collections:

1) Heartwarming Moments in Life

Yearning for that warm and fuzzy feeling? Get started with touching videos about blind rescue dogs and charming marriage proposals, and that feeling will last for hours.

2) Robot Apocalypse

We’re used to relying on machines for most of our everyday needs. But when you watch a robot that climbs stairs, it’s a little scary to ponder just who is in charge here.

3) CHOW Tips

These aren’t your ordinary dinner recipes. If you’ve ever wondered why you should put red wine in the blender or how to make marshmallow fluff at home, look no further than this.

4) The Ultimate Steve Jobs Collection

In remembrance of the innovator’s life, one user has collected almost 100 videos of Jobs. From interviews and graduation speeches to rare lost footage, it’s all here.

5) Underwater Cinematography

Curated by Brian Norgard, Chill’s founder, these videos offer an otherworldly glimpse into what lies beneath the water. These deep sea squids and jellies are especially mesmerizing.

6) Motion Graphics & Animation

The Web loves infographics as they are, but video adds another dimension of interest. Here’s one U.K. user’s selection of data in motion.

7) Best Presidential Inauguration Speeches

From Roosevelt and Eisenhower to Reagan, this collection makes it clear that the U.S. has had a long tradition of voting for powerful orators.

8) Extreme Underwater Sports

Enjoy the thrill of wrestling or shooting a gun underwater without leaving your living room.

9) The Best of Adele Live in Concert

This may be the only one to make our top 10, but the Chill user who curated it has several others worth checking out, including the best of Lady Gaga and Florence and the Machine.

10) Shit People Say: The Definitive Collection

Chill representative Marc Hustvedt made this one himself—a nearly 100-video collection of every “Shit X Says” installment he could find.

Photo via Chill

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