Watch this inspiring Yorkie impressively leap onto the back of a swimming dog


There’s nothing quite like a pair of dogs who understand the awesome power of teamwork. In just the latest, greatest example of friendly dogs working together, YouTuber Cat Hursh uploaded a video this week showing her tiny Yorkie catching a swimming pool ride on the back of a much bigger doggie.

While recording her dogs circling the edge of a swimming pool, Hurst captured one of the cutest canine leaps of faith imaginable. A sight of athletic prowess and trust which, in a just world, would go down in history.

After the bigger of the two dogs jumped in the pool and began paddling around, the miniature Yorkshire terrier―named Sadie, according to Hursh’s description―surveyed the scene for a moment before gracefully launching herself onto her friend’s back.

Make no mistake, “launch” is the right word. Given that she barely gets a running start, it’s pretty awe-inspiring just how much air Sadie catches on her leap, landing surprisingly gracefully on the back of her far-larger companion. She’s just a dog riding on the back of another dog, and all is right in her world.

Chris Tognotti

Chris Tognotti

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