Yelpers review Yelp on Yelp, because Yelp

Talk about meta: This Yelp page for reviewing Yelp is a black hole into which you will gladly fall. 


Brendan O'Connor

Internet Culture

Published Jan 24, 2014   Updated May 31, 2021, 8:19 pm CDT

They come from different cities and background, and their opinions run the gamut, but as this Yelp page proves, Yelpers will review anything—even Yelp. And they’ll do it on Yelp.

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For her thousandth review on the website Yelp, Janet F. from Ramsey, NJ decided to review Yelp itself. Yelp includes a page for its San Francisco office. “Yelp can mean different things to different people,” Janet wrote.

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“Yelp is useful,” wrote Brian D., from Jackson Heights, NJ. (He goes on.)

Ray D. in Corpus Christi, TX, went even further: “Yelp gets me.”

Others are not so laudatory. “While I understand your popularity and usefulness,” Micaela M. from Sparks, NV wrote, “I hate you.”

“Yelp has a strange way of interfacing with me,” complained Courtney P., San Antonio, TX, which in and of itself is a really strange way of explaining Yelp.

Still, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Liz W., Bellville, MI shrugged off the haters. “I love Yelping,” she wrote. “I’m not too cool for school to say so.” Good for you, Liz.

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Arthur Y. from Emeryville, CA appreciates Yelp for the social scene it offers. “Yelp elite events are f*cking awesome!” he wrote. “If you’re not elite, you probably should get your game up and get some free drinks and food and gifts!!”

What might one find at a Yelp Elite event? Well, free stuff, apparently, but also—if you’re lucky—maybe love!

East Bay, CA’s Rachel C. met her significant other at a Yelp event. “You can learn so much about a person based on their review,” she wrote. But don’t get any ideas, fellas!

“If you are looking for a ‘booty call,’ go find some other site.” Rachel warns. “I’m sure or OKcupid will suffice. Don’t be a d-bag and try and hit it and quit it with a yelper. That’s just wrong in every way.”

“If you don’t care, then I wish the gods above strike you with a lightning bolt!!”

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Some are concerned about the use of profanity on the site. “I’ve read two reviews that had nasty words and that should not be acceptable. When I pointed them out to Yelp, they reply telling me they allow such words and people can be as ‘colorful’ as they want,” worries David J. from La Jolla, CA.

His parting message, appropriately: “Thanks for listening and Go Fuck Yourself.”

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*First Published: Jan 24, 2014, 7:27 pm CST