This wrong-number booty text is our favorite prank of the year

Fat Robin

Alan Cleaver/Flickr

How one lonely man found his calling as an illustrator of cats, bears, and booty.

Texting the wrong number stinks. Texting the wrong number when you’re trying to touch base with your crush is even worse. But accidentally texting writer Joe Veix instead of your future bae is perhaps the cruelest fate of all. Only psychological torture and heartbreak can result.

Veix, who previously trolled a texting stranger with a deluge of cat photos and joined Tinder as a golden retrieverwrote in Death and Taxes that he came into coincidental contact with Dre, a man trying to make plans with a woman he’d met. Teasing him with with the promise of sexy selfies, Veix convinced him to embark on a ridiculous artistic quest. But we’ll let the screencaps tell the story.

The good news? I think Dre may have actually found his calling.

H/T Death and Taxes | Photo by Alan Cleaver/Flickr 

Miles Klee

Miles Klee

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