14-lb lobster

Screengrab via Sanctuary Marine Bermuda


A charter boat in Bermuda accidentally caught the biggest crustacean you’ve ever seen—and it looks like something from another planet. 

Sanctuary Marine Bermuda was fishing for snapper Saturday when it ensnared this massive 14-pound lobster. How the hell did it get so big, you ask? We can only assume it’s been eating other lobsters. 

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The company explained on Facebook that the hulking sea creature got entangled in a fishing line and caught a hook on its “toe.” The team had to bring the lobster on board to get the hook out. You can watch the whole wild scene unfold in this GoPro footage.

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Fear not: The lobster isn’t headed for a dinner plate anytime soon. It was released back into the sea, where it will continue to bully and intimidate even the meanest jellyfish.  

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