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If you have ever wanted to build your own website, then you have probably heard of WordPress, a totally free, open-source content management system that is trusted by nearly 75 million websites. 

What makes WordPress so appealing is that you don’t have to be a web designer or a computer programmer to make it work beautifully. Simply choose from thousands of free templates, add additional functionality via plugins, and publish your site for the world to see.

Still, WordPress is not the most intuitive platform, meaning it can be hard to get the most out of it if you are just getting started. That’s why we recommend taking an online course like The WordPress ft Elementor & WooCoomerce Master Class Bundle. Not only you will become a WordPress master quickly, but you will learn how to utilize every feature the program has to offer without growing tired and frustrated.

This training is broken down into seven courses. Here’s a bit about what you will learn in each one: 

1. Elementor Master Class 2020: Build eye-catching pages for your WordPress website without having to use any code. 

2. The Complete WooCommerce Master Class 2020: Sell your products online via your own e-commerce store by utilizing one of the most popular plugins, WooCommerce. 

3. Build a Complete Business Website with WordPress: Become a WordPress whiz by following along to a step-by-step project, building a prototype website from start to finish. 

4. Build a Membership Website with WordPress: Create your own membership website in which you charge subscribers for access to premium content. 

5. Build a Job Board Website with WordPress: Build a job board similar to Monster or Indeed by populating your website with imported jobs from other URLs. 

6. Build a Full One Page Event Website with WordPress: Master the art of a free webpage builder called SiteOrigin in order to build a full, one-page website. 

7. Build a Photo Gallery with WordPress: Build a complete photo gallery and learn how to optimize (and protect!) your images. 

This Master Class training usually retails for $1393, but right now, you can slash 97% off of that price for a total of just $29.99!

Whether you want to start a blog, launch a business, create an online store, or build a membership website, this training has you covered. 


The WordPress ft Elementor & WooCoomerce Master Class Bundle – $29.99

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