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A top 20 list of Wikipedia’s bizarre Lists of Lists of Lists

Lindsey Weber attempts what no person has before: a list of lists of lists of lists.


Lindsey Weber

Internet Culture

Sometimes what’s been deemed “verified” on Wikipedia seems too strange to be true. In Wikipedia for the Weird, the Daily Dot tracks down the most bizarre and entertaining entries on the Web’s crowdsourced encyclopedia, sending you down the rabbit hole even further.

The Internet loves lists. That is a fact! We love putting things in order, determining their value, and shrinking all the important information down to digestible bullet points.

Even Wikipedia, home to some of the most unnecessary and superfluous details, is obsessed with lists. They are even obsessed with lists of lists of lists. And to please the Wikipedia gods, I am now going to attempt what no person has before: a list of lists of lists of lists.

From all my years of Internet experience, this should literally be the most viral article of all time.

The top 20 weird list of Lists of Lists of Lists on Wikipedia

1) Lists of characters from The Office

2) Lists of Christmas No. 1 singles

3) Lists of county governors of Norway

4) Lists of disparaging terms for people

5) List of lists of films

6) List of ghost towns in Canada

7) Lists of heroes

8) Lists of Jews

9) Lists of bisexual people

10) Lists of curling clubs

11) Lists of most expensive items

12) Lists of Oregon-related topics

13) List of pornographic actresses by decade

14) Lists of cats

15) Lists of Star Trek planets

16) Shrek the Musical cast lists

17) Shrek the Musical non-English cast lists

18) Lists of things named after places

19) Lists of United States tornadoes in 2009

20) List of unsolved problems

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