For sale: WikiLeaks Mobile Information Collection Unit.

Now you can be the proud owner of the '96 Ford that started it all. 


Lorraine Murphy

Internet Culture

Published Jan 3, 2012   Updated Jun 2, 2021, 11:12 pm CDT

Grab yourself a piece of history on eBay! Clark Stoeckley, WikiLeaks supporter and self-described “artivist,” is selling his most famous creation: the fabled WikiLeaks truck.

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Created as a mobile art project, the truck ended up serving Occupy Wall Street well in the role of designated hauler and truck-of-all-trades.

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“I deliver everything except laundry,” Stoeckley previously told the Daily Dot, adding that “driving it and parking it is my performance.”  

Bailing it out of impound after the cops confiscated it became an accidental performance art piece. The NYPD claimed at first that they couldn’t find  the vehicle, and the snafu went viral.

  Eventually the truck turned up, and now it’s on eBay.

The listing reads in part:

  • Clark’s New Year’s Resolution is to expand the WikiLeaks Truck project and make a fleet around the world.  
  • To afford to do so, he must sell the original truck.  
  • This is not the end of this conceptual art piece, rather it is merely just the beginning.
  • Clark bought this box truck from U-Haul exactly one year ago. On March 19th, he transformed the truck into the WikiLeaks Mobile Information Collection Unit.  
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  • Satellite Dish
  • 4 Dummy Security Cameras
  • Patriotic Bunting
  • Couch
  • Toy Piano
  • and possibly tracking bugs installed by the government

So far, it’s had nearly 3,000 views but not one bid. Strange, you’d think a ’96 Ford in good condition would be worth far more than the minimum $7500, even without the illustrious provenance.

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Then again, not everyone is up for getting heckled by every stockbroker and 1% quisling on the planet. You have six more days to bid.

Photo by david_shackbone

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2012, 11:47 am CST