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White Claw slushies are TikTok’s new favorite beverage

Some of these actually look … kinda good?


Stacey Ritzen

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If 2019 was the summer of White Claw, then—by all accounts—it appears that 2020 will be the summer of White Claw slushies. Yes, yes, we all know that 2020 will actually be the summer of quarantine, probably. But inside our quarantined homes, enterprising drinkers are putting their own spin on the beverage by using a variety of ingredients such as fresh or frozen fruit, vodka or other liquors, and various mixers to whip up a batch of delicious White Claw slushies.

TikTok users, in particular, are sharing their concoctions—because bro, if you don’t post on TikTok did you even make a White Claw slushie? The following version from user Alex Victoria uses a tasteful mix of diced mango, mango Claw, Tito’s (which pairs nicely with White Claw even under regular circumstances), a little Schweppes ginger ale, ice, and then smash the blend button on that bad boy.


Then there’s this easy-breezy version from Julia Abner—which she dubs the “my parents still pay for all of my bills cocktail”—which involves frozen mixed berries, lemon Claw, and a generous pouring of Tito’s.

“If you don’t have a blender, a great substitution is to go fuck yourself,” Abner adds, before pouring her slushie into a mason jar. (The most important part, natch.)

This recipe is a take on a “skinny” margarita recipe, which also uses frozen diced mango, mango Claw, and tequila.


HELLO NEW FAV DRINK! basically a skinny frozen marg #whiteclaw

♬ White Claw Wasted – Fresh Cake

This innovative White Claw slushie uses a mix of Raspberry Claw, frozen strawberries, and moonshine.

Others are pretty basic with their White Claw slushies, simply blending the beverage with frozen fruit.


Have a seat, frosé.


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