Confuse your pooch with the viral #WhatTheFluffChallenge

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Where’d they go?!

There’s a reason why dogs are considered man’s best friend. Dogs possess only the purest and most admirable traits we admire in humans: Loyalty, empathy, curiosity, perseverance, poop-eating … okay, well maybe not poop-eating … and, of course, trust.

Our canine companions trust us so much that unfortunately (for them) makes them prone to extreme gullibility, which can manifest itself in both hilarious and adorable ways—as we saw with the “Dogs Reacting to Magicvideos from a few years back.

Take the #WhatTheFluffChallenge, which is currently sweeping the internet.

The conceit is simple. One stands in a doorway holding a blanket (or a large towel would also work) while making sure their dog gets a good look at them holding the blanket, then lifts the blanket over their head while simultaneously jumping to the side, making it appear to the poor confused pooch that its person has vanished into thin air. Voilà!

Let’s see how it went, shall we?

Ziggy is definitely not having this shit:

This poor Aussie doesn’t know what the what:

And naturally, there were more than a fair share of #fails:

However, it goes without saying that we recommend that you don’t try this trick with cats because as we all know, cats do not give AF.

Stacey Ritzen

Stacey Ritzen

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