Wesley Snipes wants to know what the big hype about Snapchat is

wesley snipes that looks like the snapchat logo

Illustration by Max Fleishman

The man needs answers.

Wesley Snipes, star of White Men Can’t Jump and Demolition Man, is fairly up to date on social media for a man who spent three years in prison on a tax evasion charge. He’s on Twitter, he’s on Instagram, and yet…

Oh man. Why is it so funny to imagine Blade, the daywalking vampire killer, on Snapchat? I don’t know, but I can’t be alone in laughing. Anyway, Snipes’ Twitter followers weren’t all that helpful on the subject.

All good answers, in their way, but we’re leaving out some of the photo-and-video-sharing app’s major points of appeal. Snapchat is great for:

So who the hell are you to refuse, Wesley? Are you afraid, as a ’90s action icon, that you can’t hang with the teens anymore? If nothing else…

On second thought, maybe vampires don’t even appear in selfies.

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