People are disgusted by the very idea of watermelon guacamole

watermelon guac

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This is blasphemy.

On Wednesday, something so awfully disgusting happened that it shook a nation to its core: Somebody suggested serving guacamole and watermelon together, using the larger fruit as a bowl.

If you need a moment to process that, I fully understand. Something so abhorrent warrants pause. ABC7 News posted the story, originally featured on “Entertainment, News, and Lifestyle for Moms” website Babble

The recipe for disaster was originally published two months ago and touted as the “perfect summer snack,” but ABC7 presumably felt it needed to celebrate National Watermelon Day with something that would turn heads. And it most definitely did: People turned their heads and wretched. As in, they turned to Twitter to share their feelings of extreme revulsion.

Wondering if this was ever a thing, I did some research. Google had some results, but nothing that makes me trust this devious idea. Chef Rick Bayless has a recipe for watermelon-ginger guacamole, which is all other kinds of fucked up. White people just love ruining food.

I also texted my Mexican mother. She had this to say:

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Just further evidence that watermelon guacamole is not a thing and should be ridiculed at all opportunities. 

Last year, the sanctity of guacamole faced similar violence when the New York Times suggested putting peas in the dip. Even President Obama chimed on this very hot issue. People of course remembered this moment in guacamole history and decreed sentiments similar to those that swirled around Peagate.

Listen, don’t fuck with guacamole. Because people will come for you. 

Gabe Bergado

Gabe Bergado

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