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Now you can drive Facebook-style

You can “like” this van and poke it as well. It’s the perfect vehicle for anyone obsessed with Facebook.


Austin Powell

Internet Culture

The shaggin’ wagon is about to receive a Facebook update.

As part of an advertising campaign, Volkswagen Nederland has created the first “Social Car,” a revision of the company’s classic T1 bus, based on specific Facebook features.

“Built on Likes,” the “Fanwagen 2012” comes in a Facebook color scheme – social blue, cool comment grey, Zuckerberg silver, winterkorn white – and with features specific to the social network. The horn, for example, has been upgraded to a ‘poke’ button, and there are three privacy settings: curtains open, halfway closed, and fully shut.


“Underneath the back license plate you find the relationship status indicator to clearly indicate your intentions to other drivers,” states the owner’s manual.

Exactly 34,726 Facebook fans help initially choose the T1 bus over the iconic VW Beetle. The page has since acquired more than 60,000 Likes. In 17 days, those Dutch drivers will be entered to win the one-off, limited-edition vehicle.

Surely there’s no better way to ride on Information superhighway.



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