couple getting engaged at friend's wedding


Viral TikTok shows couple getting engaged at friends’ wedding, sparking debate

'I'm a good friend but would never allow this.'

Feb 28, 2021, 11:06 am

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Esther Bell

There are a few things you don’t do at weddings. You don’t wear white if you’re not the bride, you don’t flirt with the groom, and most people would agree you don’t get engaged at someone else’s wedding. But a TikTok video of a man proposing in the middle of his friend’s wedding reception is sparking debate online on whether this is the ultimate sign of friendship, or just tacky and rude.

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The groom, Laiven Bene, posted a video on his TikTok account, @laiivve, of the proposal that divided viewers. In the video, his bride is preparing to throw the bouquet—a tradition in which whichever single lady catches the bouquet is supposed to get married next—when she surprises her friend. Instead of throwing the bouquet, the bride turns around, gives the bouquet to her friend, and spins her around to reveal her future husband on one knee holding a ring.

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The moment was joyous and cute, and the wedding guests all applauded for the couple.

Many viewers were supportive of the bride, groom, and new couple.

“That is real friendship right there!” one user commented. “The bride was secure enough to know that that wouldn’t take away the shine from her and allowed her bestie to experience her own joy and that moment!”

“To share such special memories with your bestie for the rest of your lives. An amazing friendship and love,” another user said.

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But not everyone was supportive. Many said they wouldn’t allow this at their wedding, and thought it was rude of the newly engaged couple.

“You wait your whole life for the perfect wedding day just for someone else to make it about them,” one user said. “I’m a good friend but would never allow this.”

One user called it a “definite no go.”

The video sparked a debate online, with many saying they would hate to have this happen at their wedding.

“No shade to them […] but if one of my friends tried to pull this stunt at my f*cking wedding, you best bet I will throw them out,” one user said on TikTok. “My wedding equals my day. You can get proposed to literally any other f*cking day. But not my damn wedding day.”

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But the groom defended his friend and reminded everyone he and his wife were in on the proposal. “Me and my wife were more than happy to give two minutes out of our night for our best mates,” Bene wrote in a comment. “Our wedding was still magical from start to finish.”

Bene also shared a video, likely from a wedding videographer, of the proposal.


bestmates proposal on our wedding day, magical night #differentangles #foryou #foryoupage #lovestory #fyp

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Bene told Daily Mail Australia he helped plan the proposal with his friend because he “wanted to do something special and different” at the reception.

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*First Published: Feb 28, 2021, 11:06 am