a slow cooker at an angle on top of groceries in a fridge with the text "This is what I found!"


Woman’s TikTok calls out her husband’s bad food storage method

People think he deliberately did a bad job.


Siobhan Ball

Internet Culture

Posted on Feb 3, 2021

When TikToker @sarah_jade_ posted a video about her husband’s inability to correctly put away leftovers, she was not expecting it to go viral, or the collective outrage it inspired.

In the video, cackling so hard it sounds like she’s struggling to breathe, she opens her fridge, revealing what seems to be a slow cooker placed precariously on top of the other groceries. While some of her viewers also found it funny, the biggest reactions were anger and frustration.

Jamie Callahan: I wanted to laugh but it instantly just made me angry. Jana Lin Medina: Right, I feel like I need to yell at him. TikTokers: Yes! I was prepared to chuckle at a pot/pan, something left uncovered etc but this... THIS was not OK!!

One reason @sarah_jade_’s video got such a strong response is because it ties into a wider pattern of men doing a deliberately bad job at household tasks to avoid being asked to do them again in the future.

Selena Symon: I swear they do something like this purposely so you won't ask them again. Kristen Smith: My theory is men pretend not to know how to do stuff so you won't ask them to do anything
Tracy Friesen: I swear they do this on purpose thinking we'll never ask again

While @Sarah_jade_ also tagged the video with #prankwars, implying this may be part of a larger, mutual exchange with her husband rather than a case of a man being deliberately useless, it was a little too close to an annoying everyday reality for many.

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user2869073754105: Dang! I thought my husband was the only lazy one that did that. He puts entire pots and pans in the fridge with leftovers and it drives me Nuts!
Mintydotsy: What is with some husbands????? Mine makes a pile so high on top of the garbage, it takes more effort to defy gravity than change the bag.

With at least one man signing off on this kind of behavior right there in the comments: “Bet you don’t ask him again. Well played bro.”

Joseph Hermosillo: Bet you don't ask him again. Well played bro.
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*First Published: Feb 3, 2021, 1:35 pm CST