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8 Instagram photos that pay clever homage to vaginas

Bow down before the beaver.


Alicia Eler

Internet Culture

The vagina birthed us all into this world, and it deserves the utmost pleasure. The pussy is a gift. But rather than think dirty thoughts, send sexts, or whack off to RedTube, I’d much rather happen upon a suggestive Instagram pic that merely alludes to pussy; the more subtle or suggestive, the better. Here we’ve collected eight such lovely pics for your viewing pleasure. Nothing graphic—just pure visual lust and entrenched desire.

1) I Love Beaver

I was road-tripping with my dad from Chicago to Los Angeles. While I love him dearly, this familial time was overwhelming, and I found myself drifting off to thoughts of sexual adventures. I was looking for a sign, some kind of sign, on the fifth very long day of driving. That’s when we stopped in the small town of Beaver, Utah. As we meandered through the gas station, hopping back into the car to drive a few blocks to one of the three restaurants in town, I noticed this sign. Why resist this pussy-posi moment? I told my dad I would BRB, snapped this pic, and dropped it onto Instagram. I never told him where I went, but I think he knew.

4) Lick it soft, lick it good, lick it like you know you should

I have nothing to say about this super sexy video by NYC-based Gaby Cepeda, former editor of Nylon, except #lol #pussy #doitright:

8) That tortured pussy book look

My buddy Seth Watter, husband of the porn-a-rific artist Faith Holland, recently started posting to Instagram. Seth is a PhD student at Brown’s Modern Culture & Media Studies program, so he is naturally pretty mentally and emotionally tortured by the grind that is academia. Social media is a fun outlet for him. Together, Seth and Faith own not one, not two, but four cats, which obviously means that they both love and respect the pussy. This tantalizing kitty pic appeared on Seth’s newly minted Instagram, the kitty of “fun” mirroring the drawing of a kitty having even more fun on the cover of Jane Collier’s An Essay on The Art of Ingeniously Tormenting. Since pain is pleasure, here is a fun quote from the book that illustrates all of this:

“Although I would have you inculcate early into your children’s breasts the love of cruelty, yet, by no means, call it by its true name; but encourage them in the practice of it under the name of Fun.”

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Photo via mario/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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