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Learn to build video games with this Unreal Engine training

Monetize your creativity.


Lauren Forgione

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Are you an artist wondering how exactly you can turn your passion into a paycheck? Something more reliable and secure than illustrating quotes on Insta or sporadically picking up design jobs on Fiverr? It’s definitely a great time to explore your options in the gaming industry, as it’s seeing more growth than ever due to the increased demand for content during the pandemic. Get on the road to a video game design career that will help your parents see the point of your degree with the Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Learning Unreal Engine for Game Design & Animation.

This online training is led by top-rated instructors whose experience includes animation, VFX, filmmaking, video game design, education, motion capture, and more. You’ll get a complete guide to the 3D creation software Unreal Engine 4. The bundle was created with beginners in mind, but there are more advanced courses included so you can go at your own pace and progress as you’re ready. 

More than just a how-to on the software though, these eight courses provide introductions and detailed discussions on the theories and skills behind the art itself. You’ll learn how to bring a character to life with 3D techniques that include focuses on facial expressions and movement using key-frame animation; rigging your character using the Allright Rig plugin; real-time and physics asset animation for clothing (one of the hidden features of UE4 that few have figured out how to use!); and crafting a character skill system with the same tools that were used to build Fortnite.

Once you’ve mastered characters, you’ll be excited to move on to game design skills. In the 94-lesson intro course, you’ll build a simple shooting gallery game using UE4. Even with no prior programming knowledge, you’ll find this step-by-step class easy to follow. From there, dive into the incredibly fun world of level design and learn the landscape editing tools required to create massive environments like in “Breath of the Wild.”

With hands-on projects throughout the 401 lectures, this course collection makes it simple and enjoyable to teach yourself a new set of awesome art skills and software knowledge you can really put to good use. The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Learning Unreal Engine for Game Design & Animation is available now for $39.99, a savings of 96%.

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