Classic ’90s Mentos ad gets hilarious extended cut

Anybody who lived through the ’90s will recall that decade’s slew of Mentos TV commercials, soundtracked by a jingle that remains firmly stuck in our heads. Each focused on a person having a pretty bad day who manages to magically turn everything around after being struck by the inspiration that inevitably follows when you pop a Mentos candy into your mouth. 

But none of us ever really knew what happened after the person has their brilliant idea and flashes their pearly whites for the camera. Does the girl with the ripped dress marry her date? Does the lady with the broken heel make a killing with her new shoe line? So much left unresolved!

Hank Comedy attempts to answer one of these burning questions with a hilarious “uncut” version of the Mentos ad that starred a businessman who got white paint on his suit and figured out how to convert it into what he thought were fancy pinstripes. Newsflash: it ain’t pretty.

Screengrab via Hank Comedy/YouTube

Jam Kotenko

Jam Kotenko

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