This dude wants all non-Christmas fans out of U.K., and he’ll drive them to airport himself

Anish Patel describes himself on his Twitter account as a “patriotic conservatarian and civic nationalist” and that he’s pro-Britain and pro-free speech while being anti-establishment and anti-globalism.

And if you are offended by the notion of Christmas, he wants you to get the hell out of England. In fact, he’s so committed to this idea that he tweeted Saturday that he would drive all non-believers to the airport himself.

Turns out plenty of other people saw an opportunity in his tweet.

Patel made his Twitter account private Sunday and he blocked Black.

But that didn’t stop more people from trying to hitch rides with Patel.

Considering he deleted his account, it sounds like Patel has left plenty of people without a lift to the airport. But if he wanted to open his own taxi service, he’s already off to a great start.

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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