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Reporters killed by gunman on live TV in Virginia

Tragic and horrifying.


Patrick Howell O'Neill

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Two reporters were killed during a live television news broadcast early Wednesday morning in Virginia.

Allison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, worked for WDBJ7, the local CBS News affiliate. The shooting took place at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Parker, a reporter, and Ward, a cameraman, died as a result of the shooting shortly after 6:45am ET, CBS News reports, according to WDBJ7 station manager Jeff Marks

Update 10:27am CT, Aug. 26: Police were seeking Vester L. Flanagan, 41, a former employee of WDBJ7, who went by the name Bryce Williams on air. Authorities have stopped short of calling Flanagan/Williams a “suspect” in the shooting. However, accounts using the name Bryce Williams have posted video of the shooting on Facebook and Twitter. The accounts have been suspended.

Update 1:13pm CT, Aug. 26: Flanagan has died after a self-inflicted gun wound, reports Vice News.

The gunman’s face was captured in the live broadcast of the shooting.


Parker’s partner, Chris Hurst, who is also an anchor at WDBJ7, shared his thoughts after the shooting.

WDBJ7 reports that Ward’s fiancée was at the station when the shooting played live on air.Continued coverage of the crime is available from WDBJ7’s livestream here.

Update 9:26am CT, Aug. 26: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe says the suspected shooter was a “disgruntled employee.”

Update 9:34am CT, Aug. 26: The shooting’s third victim, Vicki Gardner, head of the local Chamber of Commerce. She was shot in the back and is currently undergoing surgery.

Update 9:52am CT, Aug. 26: There are conflicting reports of a police pursuit of the suspected shooter. We will update with the latest information when we have confirmation.

Update 10:13am CT, Aug. 26: Name of a person of interest in the shooting added.

Correction: The name of the third victim is Vicki Gardner.

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