Internet mourns beloved actor Bob Hoskins, who actually died 2 years ago

Bob Hoskins as Eddie

Screen grab via Jeremy Donaldson/YouTube

Time to be sad again.

Bob Hoskins was a great and prolific actor. He appeared in over 50 feature films, playing everything from a band manager in Pink Floyd — The Wall, to J. Edgar Hoover in Nixon. He won a Golden Globe for best actor for the 1986 film Mona Lisa, a role that also got him nominated for an academy award.

So if Twitter wants to mourn him twice, they really couldn’t have made a better choice.

Hoskins died of pneumonia almost two years ago, and it was most likely a fan posting the BBC article about his death—to mark the anniversary of his passing—that lead to the confusion.

Those in the know were quick to point out the mistake:

Even though it was a mistake, it’s nice to be reminded of a great actor who brought the world so much joy. We still miss you Bob. Goodbye… again.


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