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Twitch streamer apparently hits partner on video (updated)

Twitch allegedly caught domestic violence on its live stream.


Ellen Ioanes

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Posted on Dec 9, 2018   Updated on May 20, 2021, 11:49 pm CDT

Warning: This article contains descriptions of domestic abuse.

An Australian Twitch streamer, allegedly MrDeadMoth, apparently hit his female partner in two clips from the streaming service that are now going viral.

The clips first appeared on Twitter on Saturday night, via user @RevvOCE, Newsweek reported.

“Holy fuck you need to be put down like a sick dog, woman bashing scum bag,” @RevvOCE tweeted, tagging MrDeadMoth’s now-deleted Twitter account. The tweet also contains a video clip showing the abuse.

In the video, MrDeadMoth is apparently playing Fortnite and streaming it on Twitch. A woman, presumably his partner, comes in the room, asking him to stop playing the game.

“I will be out soon,” he says repeatedly, telling the woman to “fuck off.”

“Can you not? I said I’ll be out soon,” he says to her repeated requests for him to leave the game. He then throws down his keyboard and moves offscreen. Moments later, the sound of a slap rings out, and the woman starts crying.

“Don’t hit me in the face,” the woman says. In the background, a small child’s cries are audible.

“Do you hear that, all you people there? He hit me in the face,” the woman says, addressing MrDeadMoth’s streaming audience.

MrDeadMoth continues to yell at the woman, who says she had cooked dinner for them an hour ago.

After hitting the woman, MrDeadMoth comes back to the screen momentarily, only to rush out of frame again. Screams from the woman and child follow.

Newsweek reports that YouTuber KeemStar claimed both MrDeadMoth and the woman had been apprehended by authorities. This was disputed by Twitter user @Cylints, who claims that the man is in custody and the woman has been released, although neither claim can be independently verified as of this writing.

MrDeadMoth’s YouTube channel is still up; a video titled “He’s Cute, Can we win?!” from October 2018 features him talking to a young child in the very beginning.

Update 11:49am CT, Dec. 10: The Washington Post reports that the gamer, identified as 26-year-old Luke James Munday by Australian media, had been arrested and charged with common assault by New South Wales police. The woman involved in the incident does not have serious injuries but was granted a protective order. The Post reports that a 3-year-old and a toddler were in the home at the time of the assault.

If you or someone you know is experiencing intimate partner violence, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or

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*First Published: Dec 9, 2018, 1:45 pm CST