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Donald Trump memes are making the internet great again

Trump memes are one of the best things to come from his presidency.


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Posted on Nov 12, 2018   Updated on Apr 14, 2020, 1:16 pm CDT

Since Trump won the 2016 election, the left has adopted memes as a potent way to attack the president. Pretty much everything he has done since taking office has been meme-ed to hell and back, hoping to get under the president’s skin. Trump memes are making the internet great again.

In the aftermath of Donald Trump‘s astonishing election night win, one user took to 4chan to express his amazement over the evening.

“I’m fucking trembling out of excitement brahs. We actually elected a meme as president.” He had no idea how immediately true that proclamation would be.

The best Donald Trump memes

Trump memes: October 2018 

I ‘always capitalize Country’

Trump is known for making bold, false claims on the internet. Nary a day goes by where he doesn’t do that. But one day in October, he made what may have been one of the weirdest.

“When referring to the USA, I will always capitalize the word Country!” the president wrote.

The only problem with that assertion? The dozens of tweets where he never did that.

trump memes
trump memes
trump memes

Trump memes: September 2018

Wettest Water

Trump, since taken his oath of office, has been beset by record-breaking hurricanes, which have hit up and down the East Coast, as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

And while his responses to these natural disasters have been mixed at best, Hurricane Michael in September gave meme gold.

Trump addressed the nation in advance of the approaching hurricane and told everyone about its massive size, which he wanted everyone to know, was the wettest one ever, at least in the terms of water.

What does that mean? Your guess is as good as the rest of the internet’s.

trump memes
trump memes

Trump Glowering

Trump doesn’t necessarily have the most personable, outward-facing persona. He relishes in being a cutthroat negotiator and doesn’t mind being portrayed as a bit of madman. It may serve him well when he’s meeting with foreign leaders, but it causes a bit of cognitive dissonance when he’s around small children.

While he’s supposedly great with his grandkids, giving them candy, from some of the pictures, it’s not clear he knows what to do with small children. In fact, It’s not even clear he’s ever held a small child.

Just look at the pictures.

trump memes
trump memes


Dear Iran tweet

It seems like every other month or so, Trump is firing off a Twitter missive to another head of state that portends global annihilation.

It happens. So what is Twitter left to do but find the gallows humor in these posts, like when Trump posted a note online to Iranian president, one which read somewhat like a diary entry.

trump memes
trump memes
trump memes
trump memes

Trump memes: July 2018

Would, Wouldn’t

All eyes were on President Donald Trump when he stood in front of a podium with Russian President Vladimir Putin this summer.

Would he denounce efforts to influence our election, or would he confirm that he was somehow an agent of Russian influence?

Trump said, in talking about election hacking, “I see no reason why it would be Russia,” a denial that left people aghast, contradicting everything intelligence officials knew about the efforts.

Then, the next day, after uproar, Trump said he misspoke. It wouldn’t be Russia is what he meant.

How can you not laugh at that?

trump memes
trump memes

Trump memes: June 2018

Space Force

Space Force?

Space Force.

trump memes
trump memes

Trump memes: April 2018

500 billion

If it seems like there’s been a meme-able disaster just about every single month of Trump’s presidency, well, April was the beginning of the president’s trade war.

And when he justified it with a tweet that sounded like the words of a degenerate gambler, well, it didn’t surprise anyone.

trump memes

Trump memes: May 2017

Donald Trump tweets covfefe 

Many people were concerned about how Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff use of Twitter would affect America—and it has already been some ride—but no one could have predicted what happened on the second to last day of May.

Before going to bed, Trump composed a tweet that he never finished, then hit send.

Covfefe entered the lexicon, and the internet (and sidewalk chalkboard signs) was never the same.

donald trump memes
Screengrab via rumpfshaker/Twitter

It’s a phrase with staying power, and it quickly became the punchline to almost every good internet meme.

donald trump memes
Screengrab via rumpfshaker/Twitter

But perhaps worse than all, it took down the happiest account on the internet. After putting a ‘Covfefe’ hat for sale in the We Rate Dogs store, @dog_rates offered the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Conservatives were upset that the man behind the account was liberal. So he apologized, which upset the left.

Anyway, this just about sums everything up.

donald trump memes
Image via Doug Exeter/Twitter

Trump’s handshake power grab is no match against France’s Macron 

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump had presented himself as the exemplar of masculinity and virility he believes himself to be. Just, remember the primary debates. Or don’t.

Trump believes being a man matters most, which is why, perhaps, in their first meeting, newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron felt that he needed to speak to Trump in that same language. And with all absurd male-on-male courting rituals, no first impressions counts more than the handshake.

trump memes
Screengrab via @GissiSim/Twitter

The internet was thoroughly impressed by the effort.

Donald Trump touched a glowing orb in Saudi Arabia, and Twitter lost it 

One of Trump’s biggest selling points to his base was that he was not part of a cabal of secretly globalist leaders who would meet in private to determine the fate of the world.  No, that was his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Which is part of why everyone lost it when a photo emerged of Trump participating in what looks like a downright globalist cabal initiation ritual in his first visit abroad.

best trump memes
Screengrab via @GissiSim/Twitter

In reality, he was just helping the Saudis open their new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. Or was he?

How Spongebob Squarepants became the perfect meme to mock Donald Trump

One of the more frustrating aspects of Donald Trump is that he’s the “I’m rubber you’re glue” president. Almost nothing people say to him has the desired effect. No insult, burn, or dig is going to have a meaningful impact.

People on social media were at their wits’ ends—until the perfect meme arrived. All mocking Spongebob does is repeat the exact words back at whoever says them, showing how stupid they sound.

It’s exactly what those wishing to spoof the president need.

trump memes: mocking spongebob
Screengrab via @louisatheLast/Twitter

Someone even remade Trump in Spongebob’s likeness.

Mocking Trump meme
Screengrab via @louisatheLast/Twitter

Trump proclaims he’s ‘a very active president’—and Twitter isn’t buying it

In the beginning and middle of May, the Trump White House was in astounding disarray. With Trump dismissing James Comey unexpectedly, his surrogates had no idea what to say and went with the explanation that was given in Comey’s dismissal letter.

Unfortunately for them, Trump went told a different story. The same pattern repeated itself with the Russia-confidential information scandalTo put an end to it, Trump wanted people to know that, hey, he does a lot of stuff and shit happens and that’s your problem, not his.

Most of the internet thought it sounded like he was about to hawk a male enhancement pill or some other medication.

trump memes : very active president
Screengrab via @BennyGrin/Twitter

To be fair, he does see those ads often on Fox News.

You’ll never be able to unsee this frog on Donald Trump’s chin 

You almost never know what is about to come out of the president’s mouth. Americans have braced themselves for any potential weird outburst and prepped for the worst. But no one expected to see a frog appear—except for artist Mike Mitchell. He saw Trump’s mouth and chin as a sort of canvas for a Futurama-like Hypnotoad drawing, and in doing so, freaked the entire internet out.

Trump frog meme
Screengrab via sirmitchell/Twitter

No one knows if it’s more comforting seeing Trump’s words come out of the mouth of a frog, but it can’t be any worse than normal.

Trump memes: April 2017

Donald Trump declares May 1 as Loyalty Day—and Twitter is loving the irony

Donald Trump has been long speculated to make his subordinates declare loyalty, but in advance of May 1, he tweeted that he wanted the whole country to declare themselves loyal to America. Twitter did not miss that goodness.

trump memes
Screengrab via Joshua Caleb/Twitter

For whatever it’s worth, this is another example of something previous presidents did that didn’t raise a kerfuffle. Blame Twitter.  

trump memes
Screengrab via Joshua Caleb/Twitter

Trump memes: March 2017

The Trumps are exactly like the Bluths from ‘Arrested Development’

“Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s … The Trump Presidency.”

Sort of. While the parallels aren’t perfect—there’s no matriarch of the Trumps that matches Lucile—a writer noticed some eerie parallels between the saga of Donald’s family and the escapades of the Bluths. Trump’s Obamacare repeal debacle, Politico reporter Dan Diamond pointed out, was just like the one where the Bluths tried to build a house.

Once you start seeing it, it’s everywhere. Ivanka as Lindsay, the blustery Gob as Donald, Jared Kushner as George Michael. Even Paul Ryan, repeatedly giving up on Trump, mimics Michael repeatedly driving away from the family, only to come back again and again.  

Trump had the time of his life in a parked truck, and #TrumpTruck was born 

It’s easy to forget that Donald Trump is, behind the bluster and bravado, still a person, with normal urges.

When he invited a coalition of truckers to the White House to discuss healthcare reform, they brought a big rig onto the grounds. Trump, like any one of us would, wanted to get behind the wheel and toot the horn. And he did. It could have been a touching and humanizing moment for a president many demonize, but because it happened as he was unaware the vote on his signature healthcare bill was being delayed, it instead became a meme.

trump memes : Trump Truck
Screengrab via Phillip Larkin/Twitter

Trump memes: February 2017

The internet is destroying this photo of 13 Republicans giving a thumbs up (Feb. 17)

A lot has been written about the sheer male whiteness of Donald Trump’s cabinet and closest advisers.

A photo op after Trump signed legislation to repeal the Streams Protections Rule (a rule designed to protect streams), really showed how glaring it is. People were swift to point out the extreme lack of diversity.

People were also quick to completely burn the group on Twitter.

trump memes : 13 Republicans giving thumbs up
Screengrab via Phillip Larkin/Twitter

Tiny Trump meme cuts the president down to size

The president is very, very conscious of his image, and that certainly hasn’t been lost on the internet. So whenever any random tweeter or redditor comes up with an idea to rile the president up by taking his stature down a bit, everyone jumps in. The results are often inspired, like when the idea behind Tiny Trump started percolating. The premise is simple: Take the president and make him seem as small as possible, especially in front of world leaders.

best trump memes: Tiny Donald Trump
Photo via Imgur

President says White House runs like a ‘fine-tuned machine,’ gets roasted for it

In one of his first press conferences as president, besot by reports of a chaotic administration, Donald Trump said his administration is running like a “fine-tuned machine.”

In fact, he said it more than once..

Twitter did not agree. Twitter, way more than once, did not agree at all.

Trump declares drugs are cheaper than candy bars—and the internet rejoices

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump portrayed himself as a man of the people. His opponents attempted to paint him as an out-of-touch billionaire.

There’s really only one was to prove it. Who would be more likely to know the cost of a Snickers at a 7-11? A man of the people, or an out-of-touch billionaire.

“Drugs,” Donald Trump said, “are becoming cheaper than candy bars.”

best trump memes : drugs cheaper than candy bars
Screengrab via @stpete2you/Twitter

Justin Trudeau’s shade of Donald Trump’s handshake is already legendary

Donald Trump has finally started inviting world leaders to the White House and the results—at least for the meme community—have been yuge.

After his exaggerated handshake with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, all eyes were on the next incoming dignitary, who just so happened to the super smooth Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau did not let his legions of internet fans down.

trump memes : Justin Trudeau Donald Trump
Screengrab via Matthew A. Cherry/Twitter


‘Trumpwave’ emerges as the alt-right’s meme-heavy soundtrack

The new soundtrack of the alt-right, a loosely organized white supremacist online movement, Trumpwave takes synth-heavy beats from the president’s previous heyday, the 1980s, and overlays Donald Trump quotes on them.  basically turning any New Order song into a Make America Great sex jams.

Seriously. Just give it a listen.

Trump’s ‘SEE YOU IN COURT’ is the great new Twitter threat

Almost to the minute after it was announced, Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelfrom seven Muslim-majority nations has been held up in court.

As the judges have ruled again and again against the order, Trump has gotten testier and testier until, when the 9th Circuit issued a devastating ruling against the president, he unleashed online.

Many online noted the similarity to a very popular Twitter user with very prescient, very presidential-sounding tweets from years before.

President Trump: ‘D’ should be ‘easy’ 

Ever since Donald Trump became a serious presidential contender and declared Twitter to be his preferred mode of communication, the entire internet has become amateur Trump-ologists, parsing his every character for meaning. 

But on Feb. 8, the president left everybody stumped with this tweet. 

Everyone eventually realized that the president meant that the courts had an easy decision before them in regards to his travel ban, but not before everyone took it to mean something very, very sexual.

Trump’s ‘I call my own shots’ tweet spurs hilarious new meme 

After the (FAKE NEWS!) New York Times declared that Steve Bannon pulled a fast one on Trump, sneaking his way on to the National Security Council, Trump took to Twitter to let the part of the populace that reads his tweets know that he is the one who knocks. Or decides. Or whatever. 

And just what does the “I call my own shots, largely based on an accumulation of data” mean?

Twitter had its way with that one. 

Trump memes: January 2017

President Trump shows off his childlike artwork in ‘Trump Draws’ GIFs

One of the joys of small children is they are so sincerely satisfied with and impressed by their own ability to complete the simplest of tasks, no matter how enfeebled and downright bad their actual efforts are.

‘Smart Trump’ is the Roll Safe spinoff meme that’s going to be yuge

Back in March, Donald Trump told MSNBC that he would make an excellent foreign policy expert because ” I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things.”

Make you think, doesn’t?

Kinda like this guy.

That’s the Roll Safe meme, which features a picture of an idiot dude pointing to his head because he knows his logic is unassailable, because, look, here’s my brain.

best donald trump memes roll safe can't violate constitution
Screengrab via @thatmanztyy/Twitter

As Mugato said in Zoolander, “He’s absolutely right.”

An old tweet about ‘favorite travel memories’ from Trump Hotels draws fresh mockery 

The only way to ever be 100-percent successful on social media is to use a secret government supercomputer to simulate every possible iteration of every possible scenario that could ever play out down the road before you tweet, or never tweet.

Trump Hotels took neither of those routes (understandable back in 2012), but when stories of Muslims being handcuffed and detained at airports became the top story of the president’s first weekend in office, someone found an old Trump Hotel tweet asking everyone to tell them their favorite travel stories.

This Trump Photoshop battle is for those who like big butts (and cannot lie) 

On one of Trump’s first trips as president, he bounded up the stairs of Marine One, and one thing about that stuck out to web denizens.

Well, two things. Ass cheek left, and ass check right.

Come for the Crying Jordans splayed across the president’s butt, stay for the outstanding Simpsons reference.

New meme insists Trump’s inauguration speech plagiarized more than ‘Bee Movie’ 

A lot of liberals had jitters watching Trump be sworn in as president because many of them had a completely ridiculous fear that the goal of his presidency was to bring about a cataclysmic culture clash that would portend the collapse of society, all while a terrifying nuclear threat loomed over everything. 

Then Donald Trump kinda plagiarized Bane, and everyone realized sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

To add some damn levity to the end of the world, people imagined what Trump’s inaugural address might be like if he stole from other famous movies’ characters.

‘Here’s the livestream of Trump’s inauguration’ meme prepares for the apocalypse 

A faux SEO play disguised as a trenchant commentary on the state of affairs, mixed with a dash of nihilism, all set to the tune of an unexpected redirect.

Everyone has a theory about what was on Donald Trump’s notepad 

One of the oldest, inviolable rules of the internet is to never ever, ever, ever share something that can let people’s imaginations run wild. If you want to tell someone you are hard at work on a new house, show them the actual blueprints. If you are cooking a meal, the picture needs to be of what’s in the pan.

Otherwise, people will just assume it involves dicks.

This is also true even if you are the president-elect of the United States. If you want people to know you are working on your inauguration speech in the days leading up to inauguration (which, like, first off, yea, we all kinda assumed that’s what you’d be doing anyway), don’t obscure the damn text of your speech.

Otherwise, people will just assume it involves dicks.


Trump memes: December 2016

Some genius Photoshopped Donald Trump’s face onto Queen Elizabeth—and it weirdly works 

I’m not entirely sure what further explanation you are expecting to read here. 

Someone used a computer program that lets you digitally manipulate images to blend the face of the president of the United States onto the face of England’s reigning monarch, and the finished product satisfies in an unexpected fashion. The account had been around for months, but it blew up in mid-December.

Four years is a lifetime on the internet. Here’s to all the Trump memes to come.

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance.

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