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Awkward photo of Trump’s hands inspires first great Photoshop battle of 2017

Donald Trump is making Photoshop great again.


David Covucci

Internet Culture

The size of Donald Trump’s hands somehow became a focal point in the 2016 election. Combine that with this awkward photo of him closing a pen and you’re left with all of the material needed for the first truly great Photoshop battle of his presidency. 

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“What is this, a wall for ants?” Nope, notes one commenter. It’s a wall for Trump hands. 

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What about some dinosaur play time. This Twitter thread speculates Trump is going senile. Maybe he’s all BAWWRRRR ROARR DINOSAUR MASH! 

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Although that image is missing one thing. 

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Better. (It added the SUV from Jurassic Park.)

Violin, anyone?

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Hmm, something seems off here.

What if it wasn’t the Russians playing him all this time, but the Chinese???? Because, you know, they make the finger traps.

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Perhaps Trump will build the wall himself?

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Here he is playing with Legos. 

Wall Prototype

I can’t tell if he’s playing with his mashed potatoes here or eating ice cream but, whatever. It works in both regards.

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This one is titled “Jane quietly observes as Donny attempts to use a human tool.” (The joke is that he doesn’t know how to use a pen.)

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Also, there’s the obligatory little hands joke. 

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This, though, might be the cruelest own, because Trump considers himself a New Yorker through and through. 

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Here is Trump tearing apart the very fabric of America. 

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This last one is funny until you remember that at the moment this picture was taken, there actually was a person holding the nuclear football 10 feet from him, for whenever he wants to nuke Reddit’s Photoshop Battles to smithereens.

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Let’s hope he doesn’t do that. Because right now this is all we have. 

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