Twitter thinks Trump drinking Diet Coke from a wine glass is surprisingly relatable


A photo circulated Tuesday of President Donald Trump sipping Diet Coke from a wine glass at the United Nations General Assembly. It was just hours after world leaders literally laughed at him for bragging about his administration, and some people’s first instinct was to mock him for the drink, too.

And why not? As Mashable pointed out, Trump himself once tweeted that he’s “never seen a thin person drink Diet Coke.” He’s also said drinking the soda is “inverse to reason.” Yet Trump still reportedly drinks 12 Diet Cokes per day.

But as the photo picked up viral steam, many on Twitter made this salient point: Plenty of people abstain from alcohol for good reason, so there’s no need to give him grief over his alternative choice.

Who cares if it’s not the proper glassware? Some people even found Trump’s gulping Diet Coke while everyone else is drinking alcohol almost makes him … relatable.

Plus, aren’t we actually glad he’s not drinking? His tweet storms are incoherent enough as it is.

And anyway, there are plenty of other things to laugh at him about.

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers

Kris Seavers is the IRL editor for the Daily Dot. Her work has appeared in Central Texas publications, including Austin Monthly and San Antonio Magazine, and on NPR.