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The Triforce is strong with this ‘Star Wars’/Nintendo mashup

These are not the players you’re looking for.


Michelle Jaworski

Internet Culture

These are not the players you’re looking for.

Animator James Farr has done plenty of spoofs over the years (particularly when it comes to Super Mario Bros.), but this time he took the entire Nintendoverse and merged it with a galaxy far, far away.

It’s a detailed retelling of A New Hope with Link and Kaepora Gaebora from Legend of Zelda teaming up with Mario and Donkey Kong in order to save Princess Peach from Lord Ganon-Darth. From the music to the new name of the Death Star, the parody is full of references of a much-beloved movie and almost 30 years’ worth of games.

There’s even a Gredo on-hand, although Farr has a clear answer to the question “Who shot first?”

With so much of the Nintendoverse untouched in this mashup, there’s already plenty to work off of for a sequel or two. 

Photo via James Farr/YouTube

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