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A teacher’s trick test question fooled the internet

She ended up tricking adults on the internet.


Tiffany Kelly

Internet Culture

A question on a teacher’s math quiz about an orchestra playing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony became a meme over the weekend because it didn’t make sense.

The internet quickly mocked it.

And the seemingly illogical question angered many people.




But then the Nottingham, England-based teacher who wrote the question, Claire Longmoor, saw it being circulated online. She said she wrote it 10 years ago. She provided receipts.

It turns out that the question was a trick “just to keep the kids on their toes.”

Some people figured out that the question was a trick.



Whether or not you support throwing in trick questions to test students’ alertness, it’s amazing that the teacher unknowingly trolled the internet.

Well played, Claire Longmoor. Well played.

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