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Tomi thinks millennial men are wimps.

As certain members of the media relentlessly bang the war drum with North Korea, some conservative pundits are also… simultaneously bashing the young men who would serve if a global conflagration ever erupted.

First, it was Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, who wanted you to know that men today are only qualified to play videos games (which, you know, is now part of how the military trains people these days). Now, it’s conservative “firebrand” Tomi Lahren telling the world that MEN. TODAY. ARE. WEAK.


Well, OK.

First off, it is awkward to lift a heavy carry-on in a confined space and no one can really do it with grace, but ignoring ALL THAT, let’s blow her mind: The military trains people after they draft them. And it’s based on the inherent principle that the people joining the military are not qualified to go to war at the time they join the military.

It’s called basic training. Literally, basic.

I mean, does Lahren really think that dudes in the late 1930s were somehow more war-qualified than men today? Here’s a picture of some dweeb from back then.

Young men standing outside a dime store Photo via C. Thomas Anderson/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

Those dudes were afraid of planes. The devil’s sky car, they called them. But the military trained them to fight Nazis, much like the military trains everybody who comes into the military. That’s how it works.

Of course, Twitter quickly jumped all over this unfathomably incorrect sentiment.

Either way, Lahren was just joking. But also not joking? Who knows.

If we had a draft, here’s thinking we would be fine (minus how screwed we’d be because, you know, world war and all).

David Covucci

David Covucci

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