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R.I.P. TomBroDude.

This article contains explicit material.

The small subsection of Twitter that is actually funny mourned the sudden loss of one of its own this week… by sending a picture of a guy’s naked butt to a Philadelphia TV station. No doubt it’s what he would have wanted.

@TomBroDude, real name Tom Reynolds, who was extremely prolific and consistently funny on Twitter, passed away unexpectedly over the weekend, leaving many behind to mourn the loss of a genuine, kindhearted goof.

Friends and fans paid tribute by calling attention to his best work: 

Soon, a plan emerged to celebrate Tom by doing what he loved so much: trolling Philadelphia’s ABC station, WPVI. He had an annual winter tradition of hijacking their snow hashtag, #6abcsnow

Following in his footsteps, his friends decided to spam the station with this weird picture of a naked dude’s butt: 


Check @6abc’s mentions on any tweet from the past 36 hours, and you’ll see the naked guy over and over and over. It’s truly glorious.

The naked dude’s identity and the source of the photo are murky—a reverse-image search gives you nothing but Twitter results—but Tom was a big fan. 

So it makes sense that his “favorite Twitter pals” would remember him by ass-spamming his local TV station. 

They’re also taking more practical steps, though, like donating to a GoFundMe for Tom’s family and girlfriend. 

Although Twitter is a bad irony website, none of this is ironic. Tom and his good tweets will sincerely be missed. 

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